Italian Christmas


I’m thinking of an “Italian Christmas” with the centerpiece for the concert being an English translation of Respighi’s “Laud to the Nativity.” It’s a beautiful piece, about 35 minutes long, and everything I’ve read about it laments the fact that it isn’t performed more often. I’ll be looking at pairing it with other shorter Italian works.  Currently on my short list are Palestrina’s “Hodie Christus Natus Est,” and two carols, “How Unto Bethlehem” (Parker/Shaw arrangement) and “Gesu Bambino.”  Let me know if you have any suggestions.


The UWM students who recorded our "Missa Gaia" for our April concert will be getting back to me with a copy of the recording.  In the meantime, Barbara(P) has put the the recording she made at Missa_Gaia.html.


Dropbox Goodies Link to:   MP3s for our Italian Christmas Concert and  Chorale recordings

Schedule Fall 2018

Wed   Sept 5       8pm

Wed   Sept 12     7:30pm

Wed   Sept 19     8pm

Wed   Sept 26     7:30

Wed   Oct 3         8pm

Wed   Oct 10       7:30 pm

Wed   Oct 17       8pm

Wed   Oct 24       7:30 pm

Wed   Oct 31       8pm

Wed   Nov 7        7:30pm

Wed   Nov 14      8pm

Wed   Nov 21      7:30pm

Wed   Nov 28      8pm

Wed   Dec 5         7:30pm-Men, 8pm-All, 9pm-Women, 9:30 Done

Sat     Dec 8         9:00am -11am

Wed   Dec 12       7pm (Women dismissed first)

Sat     Dec 15       1:30 pm call, 3pm concert

Sun    Dec 16       6pm call, 7:00pm concert


Plymouth inside directions:


Enter through the courtyard on Hampshire Street.  Either (1) take the elevator to the second floor, or (2) take the first staircase up to the main floor, take a left, and take the next staircase up to the second floor.  Once on the second floor, head for the southeast corner of the building (through either the conference room or Graham Chapel) to get to the choir room.