MISSA GAIA -- April 28th and 29th


I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present this weekend. Thank you SO SO much from the bottom of my heart. The concerts were beautifully executed with a lot of heart. There are always positive comments after our concert, but the instantaneous standing ovations should tell you everything you need to know. And thanks for all the other stuff too, the work put into the receptions, setting up and moving platforms, publicity, ALL of it.


Next semester, I’m looking at the weekend of December 15th/16th for our concerts. I realize it will be difficult (i.e., impossible) to find something we love more than the Missa Gaia, but I shall do my best. If you have any suggestions for works that are 15-50 minutes in length, let me know. If you have opinions of Britten’s “St. Nicolas,” let me know that too. It’s under consideration.  I REALLY hope that each of you will be coming back in the fall to make more beautiful music!


The UWM students who recorded the concert will be getting back to me with a copy of the recording.  In the meantime, Barbara(P) has put the the recording she made at Missa_Gaia.html.


Dropbox Goodies Link to:  Voice parts for Missa Gaia, Chorale recordings, reference recordings, closed scores and a Latin pronunciation guide!


Plymouth inside directions:


Enter through the courtyard on Hampshire Street.  Either (1) take the elevator to the second floor, or (2) take the first staircase up to the main floor, take a left, and take the next staircase up to the second floor.  Once on the second floor, head for the southeast corner of the building (through either the conference room or Graham Chapel) to get to the choir room.