About our Italian Christmas Concert:


I wish I could have gone around and thanked everyone in person after Sunday night’s concert, but alas, my voice was quite gone. I was so proud of the performances you gave last weekend. I trust you all heard complimentary things from the audiences. They really enjoyed the program and the personal touch you add to our concerts. I’m speaking truthfully when I say that it’s rare for an audience to feel so “at home” during a performance like this, but you can feel it in the air at our concerts. Thank you for all you do to make that happen.


Also, I wanted to check in with everyone about our planned schedule for next semester.  Our first rehearsal will be Wednesday, January 9th, at 7:30pm.  We won’t rehearse on Ash Wednesday, March 6th. Our concerts are the weekend after Easter, so I want to make sure we won’t have too many conflicts. Better to plan ahead now.


Here’s what I’m proposing - let me know your conflicts, if any, with these dates:

• Wednesday, April 17th - usual rehearsal

• Thursday, April 18th is Maundy Thursday

• Saturday, April 20th (morning) - rehearsal with orchestra

• Sunday, April 21st is Easter

• Wednesday, April 24th - St. John’s preview concert (probably w/ piano only)

• Saturday, April 27th (afternoon) - concert #1

• Sunday, April 28th (evening) - concert #2


The UWM students who recorded our "Missa Gaia" for our April concert will be getting back to me with a copy of the recording.  In the meantime, Barbara(P) has put the the recording she made at Missa_Gaia.html.

Dropbox Goodies Link to:   Chorale recordings

Schedule Spring 2019

Wed   Jan 9        7:30pm

Wed   Jan 16      8pm

Wed   Jan 23      7:30pm

Wed   Jan 30      8pm

Wed   Feb 6        7:30pm

Wed   Feb 13       8pm

Wed   Feb 20       7:30pm

Wed   Feb 27       8pm

Wed   Mar 6       no rehearsal

Wed   Mar 13

Wed   Mar 20

Wed   Mar 27

Wed   Apr 3

Wed   Apr 10

Wed   Apr 17

Sat     Apr 20      morning rehearsal with orchestra

Wed   Apr 24      St. John's preview concert

Sat     Apr 27      afternoon concert #1

Sun    Apr 28      evening concert #2


Plymouth inside directions:


Enter through the courtyard on Hampshire Street.  Either (1) take the elevator to the second floor, or (2) take the first staircase up to the main floor, take a left, and take the next staircase up to the second floor.  Once on the second floor, head for the southeast corner of the building (through either the conference room or Graham Chapel) to get to the choir room.